Michelle, Luc Besson find Indian drivers reckless

Panaji: It`s not the scenic beauty but the reckless drivers that have grabbed attention of Hollywood Director Luc Besson, who is here with his film `The Lady`, a film on Burma`s leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

"People here (in Goa) look gentle but they drive crazy," Besson said giving his first reaction on the coastal state famous for tourism. The director is down in Goa for the closing ceremony of International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2011 along with Michelle Yeoh, who has played the role of Kyi in the movie.

"People don`t go very fast here but they overtake recklessly. Now I understand why there are so many accidents in India," Besson said.

Michelle Yeoh, who is a Global Ambassador for the Make Roads Safe Campaign, an European initiative, observed that "they just press on the gas and press their hand on horn."

Incidentally, Goa has been recording 300-odd road accidents every year. The state with 14 lakh population receives 24 lakh tourists, including 4 lakh foreigners annually.