Meet Julia Vins – A powerlifter with a ‘Barbie’ face [WATCH]

She is hell cute like a ‘Barbie’ but don’t even dare to mess with her… She is a powerlifter, having the body of a powerlifter man.

Born on May 21, 1996 in Engels, Saratov Oblast, Russia, Vins’ height is 1.65 m and weight around 65 kg.

She is having not just a pretty face but also a very special body with the slimmest waist. Besides, her strong arms accentuate her overall physique. She is indeed an inspiration for all those women who want to do something great in life.

Often heavy workout affects the skin, especially face but in case of Vins it’s different. She is absolutely adorable and – NOTE – no plastic surgery! She can be said a woman with strength and beauty together.

She has participated in several powelifting championships and emerged with flying colours.

However, it is not an easy task to develop and maintain such a physique. Vins’ workout regularly and she also posts videos of the same on her youtube channel for her millions of fans across the globe.

Watch the video posted by her on her channel:

Photo Sources: Beauty Muscle, Pink Jersy, Hot Creater