Mahie Gill was hesitant to play glamorous vamp in ‘Zanjeer’

Mumbai: Actress Mahie Gill, who plays the new-age vamp Mona Darling in the remake of 'Zanjeer', was initially sceptical as she was not confident of pulling off a glamorous role and wearing a bikini.
Bindu played the iconic character Mona Darling in the original 1973 film.
"It is an iconic character played by Binduji. It is a glamorous role. When I was first offered the role I had refused to do this role as I felt I won't be able to do justice to it. I was not confident of doing it. This was a glamorous role something that I had not done in my earlier films," Mahie told PTI in an interview.
"It was about the kind of clothes I was asked to wear.
Hence, I was sceptical of doing the role earlier. I was little hesitant. This is for the first time that I would be playing a glamorous role," said Mahie, who is best known for her role in Anurag Kashyap's critically acclaimed film 'Dev D'.
"They wanted me to wear a bikini, about which I was not confident. I was confident not if I could carry it off.
But in this film people will get to see a different side of me, I will be seen wearing gowns and etc," she said.
Mahie said her character, which constantly tries to seduce the villain Teja, played by Prakash Raj, has touches of modernity.
"There are interesting scenes and the chemistry between Prakash Raj and me is on display. She (Mona darling) is today's vamp, a modern day vamp. My role has been portrayed in a different manner than Binduji's character in the original film," she said.