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Lindsay Lohan will serve jail time if she accepts plea deal

Los Angeles: Troubled Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan was told by a judge that she will not escape prison even if she strikes a plea deal in the case of grand theft against her, in a court hearing here on Thursday.

The `Mean Girls` star has been given until March 10 to decide if she will accept a plea deal or go to trial, reported Los Angeles Times online.

The actress appeared in court today for a hearing on a felony charge over a USD 2,500 necklace which she allegedly stole from a Venice jewellery shop last month.

The 24-year-old actress, who is out on a USD 40,000 bail, was charged February 9 with grand theft involving the necklace that was allegedly taken from Kamofie and Company on January 22.

Lohan`s lawyer Shawn Holley and prosecutor Danette Meyers discussed a possible plea bargain for about 30 minutes in the judges chambers before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Keith L. Schwartz addressed Lohan.

The case was allowed to be continued because Shawn Holley said she had not received video tapes of the alleged incident from District Attorney Danette Meyers.

"One of the things about me is that I treat everyone the same. I don`t care you are Lindsay Lohan versus John Doe or Jane Doe," said Judge Schwartz.

"This case does involve jail time. Period If this case is resolved in front of me, you are going to jail. Period But if it settles here I don`t want you under any apprehension, you will be going to jail," he added.

"If the case does not settle in my court it will be set for preliminary hearing in front of Judge Sautner who will also be doing the probation violation at the same time as the preliminary hearing. If you are held to answer, if you are in violation then Judge Sautner will impose sentence. But there is going to be jail time in this case," said the judge.

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