Kolkata crowd will be more challenging:DJ Rebecca

Kolkata: Wishing to perform before the Kolkata crowd, who have a different taste of music apart from the regular hip-hop, internationally famous DJ Rebecca would like to include traditional Bengali folk beats.

"This is my second visit to Kolkata and I found the party crowd at nightclubs a lot different from what I saw in other cities all over the world, a medley of hip hop, techno, Bollywood and peppy Bengali folk numbers. Performing before the Kolkata crowd will be more more challenging," the DJ from London said.

Rebecca, who regularly performs at the Base-Piccadily Circus in UK, finds the party numbers in other Indian metros more attuned to Bollywood unlike Kolkata, "which is an ecletic mix of classic, contemporary, western and Indian."

Rebecca, who also performed in Clubs in Ibiza, Portugal, Hip-Hop, Trante and Progressive-House, said to be a successful dj one would have to develop a keen sense of music and know how to blend different syllables. She would be dishing out `Hip Hop` and `House` at Club 69, the new night club in the city.