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Kate Winslet lost creativity after Oscar win

London: Hollywood star Kate Winslet had to take a break from acting after her Oscar win in 2009 as she wasn`t ready to be creative again.

Winslet, who won the Best Actress Academy Award for her role in `The Reader`, took her time before picking her forthcoming project `Mildred Pierce` because she didn`t feel productive, reported Vogue magazine.

"I just waited until the dust had settled and I was ready to engage with my creative side again. In the last few years I`ve allowed myself to acknowledge the fact that I do really need my job. I need that outlet.

"And so, not only did I feel good and ready, I felt good and ready to be destroyed by a role again," said Winslet.

Despite now returning to work, the 35-year-old actress – who split with husband Sam Mendes last year – believes she is happier than ever, something she is "surprised" at.

"I actually keep saying it out loud. Last night, I went out for a drink with two friends, and as we were talking I said, `God, you know, I feel so good.` Not in a, `Wow! I feel so good!` way, but just in that quiet centred way.

"I`m almost surprised by it. I feel well. I feel healthy. I feel clear. I feel centred," she said.

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