Jane Seymour Takes Back Schwarzenegger Claims

Los Angeles: Former Bond girl Jane Seymour has back-tracked from her earlier comments about former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger`s private life.

The 60-year-old actress had claimed the Terminator star has more illegitimate affairs and that his love child with his house-keeper Mildred Patty Beana was just the "tip of the iceberg".

Seymour has now set her records straight saying she has no clue about the macho man`s life, reported E! online.

"I am so beyond sorry and appalled that I found myself even talking on the subject at all. You have to understand I didn`t go out of my way to have this conversation. It was the premiere of my movie which had a very similar theme and that`s why they asked me about it," said Seymour.

The Live and Let Die star had commented on Schwarzenegger`s confession of fathering a love child, at the May 17 red carpet premiere of her new film, Love, Marriage, Wedding.

"I was not even remotely surprised… From what I gather, I think there will be lots of information coming people`s way. I heard about two more [children] somebody else knows about. I even met someone who knows him well," Seymour had said.

The actress later said she was "misquoted", adding she felt bad for Arnold`s estranged wife, Maria Shriver and their kids.

Seymour, who wants to wash her hands off the controversy, said, "I do not know anything about any love children. Anything I said was stupidly listening to some stuff in the media that day, I don`t even know where I heard it. And I didn`t know anything about anything. And unfortunately the way it all got put together is all embarrassing."

The actress has apologised to Shriver and the family for causing the pain and hoped that "they`ll accept my apology and realize I do not want in any way to exacerbate the pain that that family is going through."