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Irrfan speaks about his role in The Amazing Spiderman

Mumbai: Actor Irrfan Khan, will be seen playing the role of `Dr Ratha` in the Hollywood movie `The Amazing Spiderman`.

Directed by Marc Webb, `The Amazing Spiderman` features Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Irrfan Khan among others. "I don`t brag about my role and the film, because I don`t like it. I hate bragging and I don`t enjoy it. I think sometimes people have this attitude that bragging brings something to them. I don`t want to achieve anything from bragging," Irrfan told reporters, during the press conference of `The Amazing Spiderman` here on Thursday.

He admitted that he believes in getting publicity for a film. "I do believe in publicity for the film, where I feel it is necessary. Where I feel the movie makers need me, I go and do it," Irrfan said.

However, he said that he would like to be in a situation where he doesn`t have to do publicity. "It should be like I do a film and people would understand there is something," he said.

Irrfan clarified that he does not have a big role in the film. "I don`t have much role in the film. I don`t have a lengthy role. I did it because it was an experience for me. For me, my presence is there and I enjoyed it," he said. The film releases in India on June 29.

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