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Imtiaz Ali to do a travel show after Rockstar

New Delhi: He is fascinated by trains and filmmaker Imtiaz Ali plans to take his love affair with the humble `jhuk jhuk gaadi` full steam ahead with a low budget travel show.

The director who is busy shooting his much awaited fourth film, `Rockstar` with Ranbir Kapoor and newcomer Nargis Fakhri, says that he wants to broadcast the series online, through YouTube.

"After the release of `Rockstar` I plan to do a low budget travel show. I will shoot it myself so I will get to travel to places I have never been to. It could be a TV show or even be released as a Youtube series," Ali told media.

The filmmaker who gave the Bollywood romance a contemporary makeover with films like `Jab We Met` and `Love Aaj Kal` is excited about taking up train journeys across the country.

"I am fascinated by trains because I have met the most extraordinary people and seen extraordinary events while travelling on trains. And I was born in a place which was not well connected by air so I have taken a lot of trains in my life," said Ali.

The director`s most successful film till date, `Jab We Met` begins in a railway station, with Kareena Kapoor running after a train, and Ali says that there is a personal connection there.

"I used to have this recurring dream that I am late for a train and I am running after it. Surprisingly, after `Jab We Met` I have never had the dream again," said the filmmaker.

The film has gradually acquired cult status and now Ali is bringing the much loved characters to the small screen with the show `Love U Zindagi`.

Though Ali is not directing the serial which will air on Star Plus, he has been on board as a "friend", since he first suggested the idea to channel bosses.

"Often when you are making a film, you leave out a lot of details on the cutting floor because a film has a time limit unlike television. `Jab We Met` begins with Geet taking a train from Mumbai back to Bhatinda while `Love U Zindagi` sees her before she had left for the city," said Ali.

The filmmaker had begun his career with the small screen, but is in no hurry to make a comeback.

"I am actually a reject of TV. I never adjusted well to the medium and work better while making films. But TV has come on to its own in the past decade and is a great medium to reach out to the people," said Ali.

As for now, the filmmaker is happy being the "lost souls" that inhabit tinseltown.

"The people in the film industry are lost souls. I think I fit in because there are people who are weirder than me and I have a sense of camaraderie with them," said the director.

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