I want to maintain consistency at BO: Emraan

Mumbai: He may not be a part of Rs 100 crore club, yet actor Emraan Hashmi says he believes in maintaining a consistent run at the box office and won`t resort to doing films for the heck of it to achieve the benchmark.

In the recent past, Emraan has set the cash registers ringing with several hits like “Once Upon a Time in Mumbai“, “Murder 2“, “The Dirty Picture“, “Jannat 2“ and now having films with Karan Johar (untitled), Vishal Bhardwaj (“Ek Thi Daayan“), Rajkumar Gupta“s (“Ghanchakkar“) in his kitty, the actor is on a roll.

"I feel I am growing as an actor. I want to be a consistent actor. Like if one or two films get Rs 100 crore collection and the others bring in small business of Rs five crore, then one is not left with an average performance," Emraan told PTI in an interview.

"I want to have a consistent run rate at the box office. It will be good if every film is like doing a minimum Rs 50 crore business. The money keeps coming in consistently," he explained.

At a time when the position of an actor in B-town is governed by the number of Rs 100 crore films he has to his credit, Emraan says, he does not eye Rs 100 crore, rather he would vouch for Rs 500 crore.

"Why Rs 100 crore, I want to be a part of the Rs 500 crore member club. My biggest hit has till now grossed about Rs 60-70 crore," Emraan said.

"But I don`t want to do a sub-standard script because it will be grossing Rs 100 crore. I have few scripts where I felt that they could do that kind of business. But I don`t understand that. So it will be on my own terms. If a film touches that mark, good, if it does not, I am fine with it," the actor said.

Considering his box office track record and mass appeal, Emraan has been put in `A` list category of actors, but he insists that he does not believe in the league.

"I don`t want to get stereotyped of what a star or superstar is…I want to break this mould. So I don`t believe in this whole term of `A` or `B` league of actors. I don`t understand the concept of league and I am not part of any," Emraan stressed.

"I don`t understand the concept of big or small movie.

Films are interesting. There are good and bad films. Sometimes big budget flicks also don`t do well. As an actor one can gauge his or her success by box office results. And I want my films to do well," he added.

Emraan`s latest in the offing, `Raaz 3`, directed by Vikram Bhatt, revolves around the downfall of an actress and how she resorts to black magic to secure her position in the industry.

Starring Emraan, Bipasha Basu and Esha Gupta in the lead, the film is produced by Mahesh Bhatt-Mukesh Bhatt and releases on September 7.