I need better written roles, says Asin

Mumbai: South import Asin, who has carved a place for herself in Bollywood, still craves for better roles that are written well.

After making a successful debut opposite Aamir Khan in 2008 blockbuster `Ghajini`, she followed it up with films like `Ready`, `Housefull 2` and `Bol Bachchan`. But she feels more is yet to come.

"I am happy I have come this far here (Bollywood) on my own without godfathers, grandfathers or millionaire boyfriends. It is rare for an artist to get acceptance by the north as well as the south audiences, and I have thankfully managed that," Asin told PTI in an exclusive interview.

"But one measures ones success based on what one has achieved so far in comparison to what one is capable of. And I feel I am capable of much more and for that I need better written roles. I just hope that comes my way," she said.

With the huge success of `Bol Bachchan`, it seems comedy is a lucky genre for Asin but the actress denies it saying it is all about making the right choices.

"I don`t attribute any "luck" to Bol Bachchan`s success. It was an entertaining, commercial film which was bound to do well and I guess I have the knack of picking up such universally appealing, fun, masala movies which turn to be successful," Asin said.

"A lot of this so called `luck` is a combination of making the right choices and hard work," she said.

Having tasted success with light hearted films like `Ready`, `Housefull 2`, `Bol Bachchan`, Asin says it is just a coincidence that she has all bubbly movies in her kitty.

So does she see herself doing only comedies? "It was just a coincidence that these three movies came to me back-to-back and they were big projects and people would call me foolish if I would have turned them down. Though I love doing comedy, I would also like to explore other genres. I hope such an opportunity comes my way," she said.

Despite so many comedy films churning out every year, one hasn`t seen a heroine at the centre of a comedy film. On which Asin feels most of the films are restricted to heroes. "I think not just in terms of comedy films that heroes are in the centre, a lot of the stories of our films have meaty parts restricted only to the heroes. I hope that changes," she said.