I dont want to be part of rat race: Soha Ali Khan

New Delhi: Soha Ali Khan wants to do more masala films in Bollywood but says she does not want to be a part of the rat race.
The actress, who was missing from the big screen in 2010 after the release of her commercial film Tum Mile in 2009, says she is happy in her own space and does not want to rush through life.
"It all depends on the rat race. Unfortunately or fortunately everything has become about money. But I am not interested in making money, being a star or being famous. I am interested in working. I would rather not be popular and do good work," said Soha.
The Rang De Basanti star has done memorable roles in off-beat films like Khoya Khoya Chand and Mumbai Meri Jaan.
"I love acting. Being an actor I can be part of both the worlds. I would love to do more masala movies," she adds.
The petite star shared the screen space with Sharmila for the first time in Sangeeta Ghosh`s Life Goes On, a modern adaptation of Shakespeare`s King Lear. The film, in English, was released in India last Friday.
"I was keen to share some filmography with my mother but I was not sure when or how and then Sangeeta came with this beautiful script. It was fun to work with my mother. She is such a great performer," she says.
The 32-year-old star started her Bollywood journey with rom-com Dil Maange More but went on to deliver powerpacked performances in Antar Mahal, Rang De Basanti, Ahista Ahista, Khoya Khoya Chand and Mumbai Meri Jaan.
Soha, however, is looking forward to expand her portfolio with all kinds of role. She is also doing her first comedy Chemistry with Shreyas Talpade.
"It is my first comedy. It is mad, there is no social message at all which is great fun too. I think it is difficult to do comedy because no one can help you. But it is liberating also," she says.
Soha had another challenge up her sleeves for her film Sound Track, where she portrays a deaf character, a role which she found hard to connect with.
"We take our senses for granted. I have no idea what happens when you cannot hear. I was plagued by many questions like will I be able to hear my heart beat? So I went and spent some time with students of Helen Keller institute and it was an eye opening experience," she says.
Life Goes On opened in theatres recently and though Soha knows that the film will not draw everyone, she is happy to be a part of the project, which also stars Girish Karnad and Om Puri.
The only problem was that it was hard to see her mother die onscreen.
"It did not affect me that much while we were shooting for the film but I could not stop crying after I saw it onscreen. I also remember that there was a scene where we are mourning her loss and I kept calling my mother, who was in Cannes having dinner with Brat Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and was least bothered about what happens to her in the movie," she says with a laugh.