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I don’t go by acting methodology: Parno

Kolkata: Soaking audience appreciation for her portrayal of the ambitious woman, craving for her own space, in Ekla Akash, actress Parno Mitra she does not go by acting methodology but would rather emote once the camera started to roll.

"When director Sandipan Roy approached me for the role of Nisha, I had to reboot my memory to locate if I had met any such people in life earlier. And I couldnot find anyone, least from my own life as I am very much unlike her in every way," Parno told PTI after a star-sttudded premier of the film on Friday evening.

"The particular traits of Nisha's characters I then devised based on my own reading of similar situations stepping into her shoes and my overall observation of human characteristics. There was no workshop, nothing of that sort," she said.

"It was one of the most exhausting feelings to portray the different moods, swings, temperament of someone who was a completely non-chirpy type of personality. After each shoot I had to do this switch-over which, however, is part and parcel of this profession," she said.

While rating his co-actor Parambrata Chatterjee, who plays as the on-screen estranged husband Arijit, as a close buddy "whom you can tease, argue and share jokes with despite me being initially apprehensive about him," Parno found the working experience with director Goutam Ghosh, pleasantly different than what she had predicted.

"He is such a big name, a well-known director having years of experience and such a terrific on-screen presence. I was apprehensive initially about how he would receive me. But Goutamda was very sweet and made me feel at ease with tips. I never felt was working with Goutam Ghosh," Parno said.

Asked if she did not foresee any national award, which eluded her despite awesome performance in Anjan Dutta's 'Ranjana Ami Aar Asbona', Parno said, "Don't land me into controversies. I am all for Ekla Akash getting public adulation, reaching the festival circuit and liked by the audience here and abroad."

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