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I am allergic to drinks and drugs: Naomi

London: Supermodel Naomi Campbell has said that her indulgement in drugs and drinks during her modelling days had a negative impact on her life.

The 40-year-old catwalk stunner, experimented with cocaine when she was in her 20s, GQ magazine reported.

"It rips you world apart. I never thought I was an alcoholic but it goes hand in hand with the drugs. Emotionally I was just gone. You just want to numb your pain. And I`ve got tons of stuff. Same as everybody else. I didn`t like the way I was. Drink and drugs are an allergy for me, and they don`t make me a better person," Campbell said.

Campbell said that initially she was a party animal and was not aware of the negative effects of drugs.

"I was a party girl. I started quite late, 24. I was having fun It wasn`t that I couldn`t get out of bed in the morning without it. It wasn`t a coping mechanism. It was a party thing and I didn`t realise how powerful it was. The fun comes with consequences, you are killing yourself," she explained.

But Campbell is now proud that she has stopped using cocaine and insists there is no shame in seeking help.

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