I admire writers, says Naseeruddin

Mumbai: Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah, who is writing a book, says he admires writers, `who should be credited for the roles and scenes they write for actors.`

"I admire writers…their contribution is more important. Whatever good performance that has been given by actors has happened only because the way their roles and scenes were written by writers. So the credit goes not only to actors," Shah told reporters here at a book launch event, last evening.

The veteran actor has been successful in mainstream Bollywood cinema as well as in parallel cinema in films like `A Wednesday`, `Krrish`, `Sarfarosh`, `Mohra`, `Sparsh` `Aakrosh` and others.

He has appeared in international films, notably playing Captain Nemo in the Hollywood comic book adaptation `The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen`.

"Writing is difficult work…to write comprehensively and in an entertaining way is a real task in itself. I have been trying to write a book for the last ten years and I managed to get to page 61. I think writing the first sentence was easy…second was bit difficult to follow it up…It is about discipline," Shah said.

When asked what kind of book he is writing, Shah replied saying, "I will let you know."