Gen next in India is ready to see me on screen: Sunny

Mumbai: Adult movie star Sunny Leone, who makes her debut in Bollywood with Pooja Bhatt`s `Jism 2`, says, she is overwhelmed with the reception she has got in India and feels that the audience is ready to see her on silver screen.

"I did not think that people will like me because of my background, like what I do for my living in America. I was not sure if this thing would be accepted. But I am very much happy with the welcome and response I have got here," Sunny told PTI in an interview.

"What I found was so interesting that in India they did a complete separation like this is Sunny Leone from `Bigg Boss` and `Jism 2` and this is Sunny Leone the girl from the US, they are two completely different people," she said.

Ask her if India is ready for an adult star doing a movie here, Sunny says, "I think they just took me in one movie. I think a whole new world has opened up. I think the young generation of people are ready to see someone like me on TV otherwise I would not be here, sitting like this."

It was reality show `Bigg Boss` that marked the entry of Sunny Leone in the world of showbiz and she was amazed that her appearance on the show helped her in many ways.

I think lot of backlash already happened when I was in `Bigg Boss` show. A lot of noise already happened about when I was there on TV. But after spending few weeks in the house, I felt something good might be going outside to the world as I was not kicked out soon," Sunny said.

"They (audience) got to know me as a person, but things worked out for me, as I got this movie," she said. The 31-year-old was offered the role by filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, when he visited her inside the Bigg Boss house.

"The show opened doors….opened a new world for me something that I would have never imagined. Bhatt saheb came in the house and talked about doing a movie. This idea never crossed my mind, I thought I will exit the house and never come back to India… but a complete opposite thing happened," she said.

Sunny debuts in the erotic thriller directed by Pooja Bhatt, where she stars opposite Arunoday Singh and Randeep Hooda. The film releases on August 3.

The newbie couldn`t have imagined the extent of her fan following in India just with just one show and one film in hand. "People wanted to click pictures with me they asked to pose with their six-month old baby for a photo. It was surprising," she said.