Films like ‘Jolly LLB’ create name internationally: Arshad

Mumbai: Basking in the glory of success of his recent release 'Jolly LLB', actor Arshad Warsi says such films create a name in the international market.

'Jolly LLB' is a satire on the legal system in the country. The subject has been dealt in a humorous way by director Subhash Kapoor through two lawyers, played by Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani.

Released on March 15, the film has reportedly earned Rs 18 crore at the box office.

"I am happy with the response. I am happier as good and sensible films have been liked by the audience – be it mine or of others. I really liked 'Kai Po Che', 'Barfi!', 'Paan Singh Tomar' and feel that these films are progressive and create a name in international market," Arshad said in an interview here.

"I think these kind of films, including 'Jolly LLB', must do well and it also leads to filmmakers showing faith in good and innovative concepts," he said.

Arshad admitted he had not expected the film to do so well at the box office.

"I had trust in the film and was aware that it will turn out to be good. But was not aware how much people will like it. Our audience have always liked good films and I had trust in them," he said.

"I thought this film will be critically appreciated and not thought about box office success. This kind of response I had not expected. I am happy with it," he added.

Arshad feels the credit of the film's success should go to the director, Subhash, who made 'Phas Gaya Re Obama' earlier.

"I will give credit to Subhash. I am an actor, all I can do is act better. The credit goes to the director as he has written a good film, good characters and packaged it nicely," he said.

The film brings to notice how the judiciary functions but in a lighter way and Arshad feels to conveying a subject or a issue in a lighter vein is a good combination.

"I feel a story must touch the heart of the audience.

Comedy is a profound thing, so if you convey something important in a lighter way, it is remembered. It is a natural phenomenon. But it is difficult to write such films and that is why few people write it," he said.