Filmmakers have realised mass connect of TV actors: Ram Kapoor

Mumbai: With small screen actors like Ronit Roy and Sushant Singh Rajput grabbing plum projects in Bollywood, popular telly actor Ram Kapoor feels that filmmakers have realised the huge reach of telly stars.
"TV was used as a stepping stone … but that was ten years back. When I joined TV it was not this way. The money, the budget and the media coverage everything has grown over the period. Bollywood is also noticing that now we cannot disregard TV anymore. It is huge," Kapoor said.
"They have realised that TV is still growing and will grow. Hence the line between TV and films is getting smaller and smaller. If you are really good and reach a certain level on TV like Ronit and I did, film producers and directors in Bollywood are realising that this guy has got connectivity with entire country and let's consider him," he said.
In case of Kapoor, who continued to work on TV, things changed after he became part of films like 'Udaan' 'Student of the Year' and now Aditya Chopra's home production film 'Mere Dad Ki Maruti'.
"I think that has helped me. Lot of people told me if I do so much of TV then how will I go into films. But I choose never to think like that. I believe in doing good work and your time will work. Today the best of Bollywood filmmakers like Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra, Saif Ali Khan are giving me work here… I am working with the biggest people," he said.