Everything on TV need not be super entertaining

Mumbai: Veteran actress Deepti Naval, who makes a comeback after a decade on small screen with `Mukti Badhan`, feels serious subjects should be explored on television and everything need not be entertaining.

"There are strong subjects being shown on television serials like ? `Phoolva`, `Uttaran`, `Na ana Iss Desh Laadu` and others. These are serious subjects which needs to be tackled. Why not show it on television ?. Everything need not be super entertainment as it leaves you blank and (you have) nothing to carry back," the actress told PTI in an interview.

"Today there are so many films that you see and forget it. Nothing is memorable. The last memorable film that I saw is `Guzaarish`. I am huge Sanjay Leela Bhansali fan," said Deepti, who has produced, directed and acted in a serial called `Thoda Sa Asmaan` in 1993 and acted in `Muqammal` in 2003, said.

While `Phulwa` is set against the rustic backdrop of Chambal, known for harbouring dacoits, deals with the story of a young girl trapped in a ruthless spat between the villagers, `Na Aana Is Des Laado` concentrates on problems faced by women in a male-dominant world.

`Uttaran? is a story of two friends with diametrically opposite backgrounds – one daughter of a maid servant other landlord`s daughter. Inspite of their economic differences, they become best friends and later jealousy creeps in.

Deepti, who mesmerised audiences with her performances in both parallel and mainstream cinema and played prominent roles in films like `Chashme Baddhoor`, `Saath Saath`, and `Angoor`, will essay the role of Chandraprabha, ex-lover of the protagonist I M Virani in `Mukti Bandhan`.

On her role in the serial, the 54-year-old actress said, "It seems Chadraprabha lost her life in a train accident but actually she survives. She resurfaces as Sadhvi Chandrasmita, a woman of positivity and serenity. Sadhvi Chandrasmita goes on to spread happiness and regards it as the only way to reduce pain and agony in one`s life."

`Mukti Bandhan` is the story of an ordinary man I M Virani with an extraordinary sense for business who comes out victorious with the support of his wife. The serial is an adaptation of Harikishan Mehta`s popular novel of the same name.

The show is aired on Colors channel every Monday to Thursday.

"Television has changed tremendously. Television is very big and its reach is nonparalleled. Today we have huge stars on TV while the TV stars too are big stars," the dusky actress replied to a query.