Don’t believe in promoting films: Nana Patekar

Mumbai: Actor Nana Patekar, who stars in upcoming film ‘Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal’, says he does not believe in promoting films.

“I never promote a film. I don’t like doing it. There are people who promote the film saying it is a very good film and it gets released in thousands of theatres, does business for two-three days but is criticised by people as it is a bad film,” Nana told reporters last evening.

‘Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal’, directed by Priyadarshan, casts Shreyas Talpade and Paresh Rawal besides Nana and is releasing tomorrow.

“Promotion is not my job. My job is to act and dub. But today things have changed. Everyone promote their films; I don’t like to beg to people to watch the film. But I strongly feel if a film is good then people should watch it,” the 61-year-old actor said.

Nana said when he entered the filmdom, film promotions were not as extensive and dedicated as they are today.

“This (extensive promotion) was not the scene some years back. Earlier films used to run for 25 weeks or so and now it runs for three days recovers all the money. I feel people will like this film but I don’t know for how long will it run,” he said.

On his take on publicising films, Nana said, “When I like the film I will promote it…It is not necessary that others also will like it. I think even public through the word of mouth should give their opinion about a film,” he said.

It is for the first time that Nana has teamed up with Priyadarshan.
“The way the film has shaped up is good. It is a clean film. There are no abuses or skin show. There is no cheap dancing and all in the film. I liked the way Priyan makes film,” Nana said.

The actor said he had a blast while working with Priyan and other star cast of the film.