CFSI special shows for children: Nandita

Hyderabad:In a bid to reach out to children across the country, the Childrens` Film Society of India (CFSI) undertakes screening of films throughout the year and now it is employing new technologies in fulfilling this endeavour, its Chairperson Nandita Das said here today.

"We produce films. That itself is a lot of work. We go through many scripts. People submit their synopsis. There is a whole process. We have made it more and more transparent.Other than that, we have screenings throughout the year in rural areas, in towns, through the district collectors, through NGOs. We have a whole system in place. But we have to expand that," she told PTI on the sidelines of the ongoing International Childrens` Films Festival (ICFF) here.

"CFSI reaches out to 35 lakh children presently throughout the country on a yearly basis. India is a large country. We also give a small sum of money to various organizations, individuals who screen films. There are some people who make DVD copies and give it out," she said. Das said the CFSI is in talks with various television channels for showing films made by it as Indian content is often found lacking on the channels.

"If you see on television also, most of the children content is dubbed versions of Korean, Chinese and Japanese films. They are not fully relating to their context. So, we are talking to various channels. They are also showing our films," she said.

The CFSI organised the `monsoon dhamaal` this year as per which a package of 10 films is made for screening in schools in 10 cities across the country, she said. The Society is also restoring and repackaging many films to make it attractive to parents so that they can show it to their wards.

"We are repackaging the films to make it attractive to the parents. We are also restoring many films. We are digitizing many films. We also do workshops. We are also reaching out to film schools to say why don?t you make children?s films. CFSI is a small organization. We keep telling film-makers, animators, educators to be a part of the larger CFSI family. We need others to help us do many activities that are part of our vision,? she said.

Taking advantage of the new technologies, the CFSI has prepared DVDs in collaboration with a video distribution company and with an internet company to download films. "On our website, you can buy films. We also want to see that the latest phones are useful," Das said.

In a bid to help the visually-challenged children, the CFSI has started collaborating with an organization that works with the special children. The CFSI website would soon have a complete section for the visually-impaired children with audio aids, she added.