Brand does not matter much: Abhishek

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan, who has endorsed a couple of international brands, says that he is not brand-conscious, and would prefer to wear what suits him even if it is an unbranded product.

"It is not important to wear brands… you should wear what looks good on you. Brand is not important for me. I buy what I like," Bachchan Junior said during the Mint Luxury Conference here yesterday.

Abhishek said that he gives importance to quality. "What is also important to me is the quality of the product and that it should suit me. As long as I am convinced that the quality is not bad I will buy it even if it is unbranded."

When asked what is his definition of luxury, Bachchan said, "Spending on my family is luxury for me. I would like to spend on buying things for my family…I am not a big shopper."

Bachchan, who is a brand ambassador for Omega watches, said that he agrees to endorse a brand only if he is satisfied with the quality of the product.

"Endorsing a product is not just a financial understanding but a lot more. Before accepting the offer for endorsing Omega watches, I did some research on the product as well as the company. If I am satisfied with the product only then I agree to give my name to it," he said.

When asked whether he uses the products he endorses, Abhishek said, "When I endorse a product, it is my duty to use it. Some may not do it (using the brand they endorse), but I do."