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Be positive for a good health: Sonika

Mumbai: Indian wrestler Sonika Kaliraman, who opted out of popular reality show `Bigg Boss` as she is expecting, says, she became a part of the show to understand the psychological state of a woman during pregnancy and to show other women how one can stay positive despite turbulent environment.Sonika, the daughter of renowned wrestler Chandgi Ram, is six months pregnant, when she made entry in the fifth season of the controversial reality show 0Bigg Boss.

"I wanted to test psychological behavior of a pregnant lady in a negative atmosphere. It all depends upon a woman how she can keep herself happy and stay positive. Women must make themselves strong in all ways be it mental to physical. A woman must learn how to adjust or mould in any given atmosphere and how much positive you stay," Sonika told PTI in an interview. "People will create situations of all kinds, be it positive or negative, it all depends upon you how you handle and take it. Also, I wanted other women to learn about my positive behavior," she said.

Due to the turbulent environment in the `Bigg Boss` house, the channel officials gave Sonika an opportunity to leave the house which she happily accepted. "I had no second thoughts of doing the show, but my husband was afraid considering the reputation and history of the show. But I wanted to take this experience. I did `Fear Factor` followed by `Zor Ka Jhatka`, I wanted to experience this format of the show as well," she said.

Ask her how she used to keep herself positive in the turbulent atmosphere in the Bigg Boss house, Sonika says, "I used to avoid negative energy and stay in company of those who give me positive vibes. Besides that, I used to do Yoga, eat healthy food and exercise and joke around." On her journey she says, "I am taking all good things with me. Everyone was taking good care of me, they all pampered me. I got lot of love from all of them. My journey was good and I am happy being in the show."

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