Barfi is not a silent film : Anurag Basu

Mumbai: Director Anurag Basu, who is looking forward to the release of his much talked about project `Barfi`, says that its not a silent movie unlike what its first trailer suggests.

The first trailer of `Barfi` has relied completely on background score and emotions to convey its message to the audience. "Its not a silent film. The people who can speak in the film do talk. You have to understand that I have great actors who could convey a message without saying a word. What you saw in the trailer is what you can expect," Basu told reporters here, last night at the first look of `Barfi`.

"Its not that there are no dialogues in the entire film. I did not think that I will make a silent film with no dialogues from beginning to end. Those who can speak have dialogues. I wanted that everyone should understand the story," he said.

"There are fewer dialogues in the film and that is the specialty of the film. I had good actors who without saying anything could convey the story…then nothing like it. Illena has few dialogues," he added.

The Ranbir-Priyanka starrer revolves around a deaf and mute boy and a mentally challenged girl. From the trailer, it looks like Ranbir has been able to essay his role pretty well, and Priyanka`s mentally challenged avatar looks quite promising.

"I wanted to make a film which is different and beautiful to spread happiness. When the characters are different, it doesn`t mean the film is grim. It is a happy, commercial film," Basu said.

"Earlier on, yes, I made different dark passionate films..that time my life was different but now I am married and I have kids so I should make family films," he said with a smile. The film also starring Tollywood actress Ileana D`Cruz, releases on September 14.