Anupam stretches his acting capabilities to keep going

Mumbai: Admitting that he has cut down on work after 27 years and 400 movies, Bollywood actor Anupam Kher says he believes in pushing his capabilities to judge and test himself everytime.

Talking to PTI, Anupam said it is important to test one`s abilities and keep judging yourself. "It is only then that you discover your strength as a professional and a human being."

Anupam said he has been busy with his acting school for the last few years. "I don`t want my students to go to a theatre to watch me on screen and say Oh my God! he teaches us," he said.

He said he was doing fewer films and wanted to do brilliant work. "I want to focus on them completely."

Anupam said his movie `Zokkomon` directed by Satyajit Bhatkal and produced by Disney, releases on April 22 and it has allowed him to push himself completely.

"Perhaps in the history of Indian cinema, I am the only actor who has donned two completely different realistic characters in this film," he said.

Anupam said when he was narrated the script for the cruel uncle`s role, he made enquiries of who was playing the `Magic` character who is instrumental in giving the protagonist (Darsheel Safary) super natural powers.

"The producers said they are in talks with few actors for the role and when I said I wanted to do both the characters, they were horrified," he recalled.

Anupam said he explained to the producers how the casting would be interesting. He made it clear that his was not a double role.

"Here, the two characters are not related. These two characters are unlike my double roles in recently released `Game` and `Roop ki Rani Choron Ka Raja`, some years ago."

And, prosthetics expert Guillaume Castange was flown in from France for the purpose.