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Anupam likes to take things at his own pace

Kolkata: Singer-lyricist-composer Anupam Roy on Sunday said he does not believe in aggressively promoting himself but loves to take things at his own pace in the land of Hemanta-Manna-Sandhya`s Bengal, far from the hurly burly of Bollywood.

"I did not grow up hearing Hindi film songs during my childhood days at my home. Yes I was not born in seclusion and knew the popular numbers played at festivals and on radios in my locality, elsewhere, but not within the confines of my own home," Anupam, whose song `Ekhan Anek Raat` (Night is still young) is the current chart topper, told reporters at an event.

Asked about the just observed `World Music Day` on Thursday last, and if such observance promoted the cause of music, Anupam said "in my opinion if you are a lover of music, you need not single out a day to pursue your objectives. For me every day can be a music day."

"I don`t believe in cutting 10 albums in a year, by churning out 100 songs during the period, I love doing things at my own pace, within my own space. I don`t believe in being forced to churn out products."

Anupam said he did not know "amake amar mato thakte dao" track from the movie Autograph in 2010 would be such a hit when he had composed the lyrics during a techie`s job in Bangalore some years back. He would not put a barrier between commercial and arthouse films branding all movies and songs as commercial "since they have to be commercially successful".

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