Anupam Kher backout hurt me: Neha Dhupia

New Delhi: Actress Neha Dhupia says she was troubled by Anupam Kher`s last minute backout from controversial Bollywood film `Dear Friend Hitler`.

The actress is playing Hitler`s girlfriend Eva Braun in the movie. Kher had agreed to play the title character but backed out after protest from fans. Raghubir Yadav later replaced him.

Many had thought that with Kher walking out of the project Neha, the only other recognizable name in the movie, too would follow suit.

But the actress, who is basking in the success of `Phas Gaye Re Obama` says that would have been unprofessional.

"When I didn`t have any issues with the film earlier, why would I have any at a later stage, especially when my producers were struggling to get a replacement for Anupam Kher," says Neha.

The actress, however, says that she was not sure of the film`s fate after Kher walked out of the project.

"I did feel let down. Also, my faith in the film was slightly hampered. After all for me the best known person in the film was Kher. I did wonder that why would he do something like that when we were all so charged to get started," she says.

"He is a senior actor and I am sure he had his reasons but everything has turned out for good. Raghubir has been fantastic so no regrets. We were able to make what we were set out for," she adds.

While Neha is happy following the adage of `aal izzz well`, she does acknowledge that her professional life has become better post the success of `Phas Gaye Re Obama`.

"It is a great phase. `Phas Gaye Re Obama` is still winning awards. Now the First Look of `Dear Friend Hitler` has been showcased in the Berlin Film Festival which is again a very positive beginning for the film. We should be releasing it in theaters."

Meanwhile she is picking and choosing films with extra care.

"I need to believe in my assignments but I also want to have fun. As long as people think out of the box and bring the kind of subjects to me which are different from routine, I am game for all," says Neha.