Agneya Singh’s ‘M Cream’ gears up for July release

Mumbai: Filmmaker Agneya Singh plans to release his film “M Cream”, which has travelled to over 30 festivals, in July.

Singh told IANS: “We have been fortunate that the film has travelled to over 30 festivals, and has won 10 awards. Audiences across the world have told me that they haven’t seen a film from India like this. It’s been incredibly encouraging for us because we have travelled to so many festivals.”

He added: “Even though we have been doing it for one year, we are planning to go ahead with the release of the film in July. Small films like ours which are independent usually don’t have the budget that Bollywood films have so, it is important for us to showcase the film and get us that critical acclaim.”

“M Cream” won the best feature award in Rhode Island following which the film hit the trade all over US and in Europe, where it’s been premiered in Ireland, Italy, Germany, France.

The story of “M Cream” traces a road trip between four friends from Delhi to Himachal Pradesh to discover “M Cream”, which is a ‘magical’ form of a drug, while expressing the rebel attitude in them. The film has been written by Singh and draws heavily from his own life, having lived in Delhi and seen the craze for the particular drug.

Actor Naseeruddin Shah’s son Imaad Shah and Ira Dubey play important roles in the film, produced by Vindhya Singh under the banner Agniputra Films.