Agent Vinod will not remind you of Bond: Saif

Mumbai: With guns, cars, motorbikes, helicopters and a glamorous actress, Saif Ali Khan`s upcoming spy thriller `Agent Vinod` bears resemblance to James Bond movies, but the actor insists his film is not one and it is very much Indian.

Looking at the posters and recent trailer of the upcoming action flick, it does gives the feel of a Bond film. The James Bond film is a British series of motion pictures based on the fictional character of MI6 agent James Bond – code designation 007.

But Saif brushes aside comparisons to 007 movies and maintains `Agent Vinod` is purely an Indian character and it will not remind the audiences of James Bond.

"This (comparison) would be very stupid thing to do. James Bond is an English character. He was the representative of capitalism against Communist Russia. He is a capitalist hero, who drinks and womanises, and he is a hero who saves the world. When you see the first scene of our film you will realise that it is an Indian hero who is very different from the Bond character because we did not want to make a copy of Bond film," Saif told reporters here after unveiling the first look of `Agent Vinod`.

Bollywood has seen spy thrillers like `Surakshaa` (1979) featuring Mithun Chakravorty and Akshay Kumar-starrer `Mr Bond` (1992) among others.

Saif feels audiences had always got attracted to this genre of movies. "I think India always had interest in characters that are special forces whether it is Mithun Chakroborty`s `Surakshaa` or Akshay Kumar`s `Mr Bond`. These films generated interests. So we thought if we could make it in a contemporary way, given the emerging global Indian personalities and global problems it would be interesting to create a character that would be completely India," the 41-year-old actor Bollywood star said.

In the film, Saif, plays the central character of Agent Vinod. About his character, Saif said, "Vinod does not try to be English, he is very Indian. The way I perform my character is completely rooted in Indian humour and sensibilities. He is a strong Indian character…he will not remind you of James Bond."

The long-delayed `Agent Vinod`, directed by Sriram Raghavan, will hit the threatres on March 23. It has been produced by Saif under his banner of Illuminati Films.