Actress Felicity Jones relies on concealer

Los Angeles: Actress Felicity Jones takes concealer everywhere to combat her “little red nose”.

“Concealer. I put it under my eyes and on my little red nose. Clé de Peau Beauté is the queen of concealer. I actually first got to know the brand through seeing that little stick in various make-up artists’ bags. The coverage is excellent,” Jones told

The 34-year-old beauty said make-up artists are also the source of her favourite beauty tips, reports

She said: “I’ve learned everything I know through working with make-up artists, like putting blush on the highest bit of your cheekbones to give them lift, and brushing your eyebrows up to make them look fuller. Also, I’ve found that using my fingers to massage make-up into my skin helps wake up my face.”

Jones is also a big black eyeliner fan.