NCERT suggests new norms for schools to address harassment of children

New Delhi: The NCERT has recommended opening schools in minority populated areas and giving their culture due representation in curriculum to address various problems like discrimination and harassment of minority community children.

The National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) has also suggested that festivals related to religious minorities be celebrated in schoolsBesides some “general issues of discrimination and harassment faced by children of minorities, minority children go through some other modes of discrimination like a different school and classroom environment, cultural and religious domination”, according to a manual drafted for the purpose by the NCERT.

The council has also recommended sensitisation of all teachers to issues of cultural and religious diversity, especially in relation to religious minorities.

“Children of minorities at times find the prayers in the school assemblies and picture of Gods and Goddesses on the walls alien to them as unfriendly environment.

“Sometimes comments on food habits are found to be offensive by one or the other community. Some of the community members may find different uniform as undesirable,” it said.

It recommended that due representation of minorities culture in curriculum and pedagogical processes.

Urdu medium schools should be established in Muslim concentrated areas where the language is likely to be the mother tongue of children, the manual said.

“Ensure option of learning Urdu as a second language and availability of Urdu teachers in such schools,” it said.