CBSE deadline to apply for photocopy of answer-books ends today

Bhubaneswar: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) had notified a detailed process for verification, photocopy and re-evaluation in its notice dated 31.05.2018.

Subsequently, the date for obtaining photocopy of the answer-books was extended by a day – 17.06.2018. However, it came to the fore that a few of the applicants had applied for verification process but missed-out applying online for photocopy despite extension of date.

So, the facility of obtaining photocopy is only applicable for the candidates who had applied for verification successfully as per the modalities notified by the Board vide its Notice dated 31.05.2018, a CBSE release said.

Further, as a result to this the date for applying online for re-evaluation is accordingly extended up to 23.06.2018 from 22.06.2018. All other modalities including fee shall remain same as were notified in the CBSE Notice dated 31.05.2018. No further extension will be granted, the statement read.