CBSE Class 10 English Paper error: Will students get compensation?

New Delhi/Bhubaneswar: After errors were allegedly found in the Class 10 English paper (in the comprehension passage section) held on March 12, reports were that the students would get compensation for the same. However, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Monday said it is yet to decided on the matter.

According to a PTI report, CBSE confirmed that it has not yet decided on providing compensation to Class X students for an alleged error in the English question paper.

Teachers and students have been claiming that the paper held on March 12 had certain errors in the comprehension passage section.

The passage section of the paper where students were expected to find synonyms of ‘endurance, obstruction and motivation’ in paragraphs two, four and five, respectively had its answers in paras three and six. Besides, certain typos led to confusion among students, an online petition started by a group of students said.

“Evaluation is a very secretive process. Though the marking policy is always decided keeping the interests of students in mind, but an expert committee examines whether it is an error in the first place or not and how students’ interest can be safeguarded,” PTI quoted a CBSE official as saying.