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Vested interests spreading misinformation on Kudankulam

New Delhi: Breaking its silence, India`s sole nuclear operator today blamed "vested interest groups" for spreading misinformation on the Kudankulam nuclear project and vouched for the safety of the atomic power plants.

"There are some vested interest groups who are spreading unscientific and incorrect information fuelling apprehensions and fears about nuclear power among the masses," Nalinish Nagaich, Executive Director, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) said in a statement.

He also issued a 16-page note detailing "facts" on the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KNPP) being developed with Russian collaboration.

Nagaich asserted that the KNPP adhered to all the nuclear safety and environment guidelines issued by regulatory authorities from time to time.

Seeking to allay fears of the fishing community, the NPCIL said Kudankulam nuclear power project cooling water system also provides for fish protection, which ensures fish are not sucked into the intake.

It also underlined efforts to ensure that release of any radioactivity or radiation in the public domain affecting the public and the environment is minimised to be well within the prescribed regulatory limits.

"The design of Kudankulam reactors also incorporates features such as core catcher, Hydrogen management system to mitigate severe accident scenario as witnessed at Fukushima in Japan," it said.

Safety review on setting up the project is carried out by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board over and above the regulatory review carried out for these reactors in the Russian Federation, the NPCIL note said.

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