TRAI moves to amend ads on TV regulation

New Delhi: In order to provide flexibility to broadcasters, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued a draft regulation which, if finalised, would allow channels to show twelve minutes of advertisements on on a clock-hour basis.

Sources said that as per the regulations released earlier TRAI had laid down that channels can show twelve minutes of ads per hour but commercial breaks should be so spaced that there is a fifteen minute gap between them.

"Some of the Broadcasters expressed difficulty in following such a rule especially in relation to the telecast of sports events and live programmes," a well-placed source said.

"Taking into consideration the issues raised by the broadcasters, the Authority has decided to review the Standards of Quality of Service (Duration Of Advertisements in Television Channels) Regulations, dated 14th May 2012," TRAI said today in a statement.

In a note TRAI has put on its website, it said "the quantum of permissible duration of advertisements carried in the television programmes has been specified in the Cable Television Networks Rules 1994."

"It is worth mentioning here that the provisions in the principal regulation does not attempt to disturb the time limit fixed by the central government of twelve minutes and so the same duration was prescribed in the principal regulations dated 14th May 2012," it added.

In the new draft note on its website, TRAI said the duration of advertisements carried, during the programmes, in the TV channels is closely related to the quality of viewing experience of the consumers.

"Accordingly, the Authority has decided that the restriction on maximum duration of advertisements carried in the programmes of a TV channel, as prescribed in the Cable Television Networks rules, shall be regulated on a clock-hour basis," TRAI said in its draft amendment statement.