New Delhi: With its coffee beverage business already at peak, global coffeehouse chain Tata Starbucks aims to double tea beverage sales with the launch of its global flagship tea brand "Teavana" in the country, says the company's chief executive.

"We do believe we're going to do for tea in India what we've done for coffee around the world -- elevating the experience with amazing flavors and taste, high quality tea, and looking actually to double our tea sales within all of our stores," Sumi Ghosh, CEO of Tata Starbucks, told BTVi in an interview.

Ghosh said the launch of tea drinks in all of its 88 outlets in the country will provide people with a "choice of beverage".

"We believe it is a huge opportunity to customers who want more choice -- a tea beverage that they can be proud of within our amazing environment," Ghosh said.

He added that the company continues to see growth despite its November sales witnessing a dip immediately after demonetisation, especially in the stores at mall outlets.

"Our growth has continued. We are now at 88 stores, we are going to continue to grow the store count and seeing more customers choose Starbucks everyday," Ghosh explained.

"We are looking forward to find more avenues for growth as per number of stores, sales, profits and then providing more opportunities for each one of our partners (we call our employees partners) and creating more opportunities for them," he added.