SpiceJet waives off flight cancellation charge for Bengaluru

New Delhi: Budget passenger carrier SpiceJet on Wednesday said that it has waived off flight cancellation charges for operations from Bengaluru for a limited period of time.

“In the wake of the serious disturbance in Bangalore, for all our flights booked on or before 12th September, 2016, and flying to and from the city between 12th and 14th September 2016, in adherence to the IROP policy, SpiceJet will be providing a full refund in case of cancellation,” the airline said in a statement.

According to the airline, passengers seeking a reschedule will be provided with a move flight within seven days of actual departure.

“While for a no show, passengers booked on flights departing from Bangalore, we will be accommodating them on our next available flight on a complimentary basis which will be slated within 7 days from the actual flight departure date though the customer will also have the option of availing a refund on request,” the statement said.

Most of the domestic airlines on Tuesday waived off flight change penalties for operations from Bengaluru for a limited period of time.

In their respective accounts on micro-blogging website Twitter, domestic airlines announced that the step was taken due to the law and order problem that has emerged in Bengaluru.