Social sector outlay falls short of target in 11th Plan

New Delhi: Investment in social schemes in health and education will fall short of the targets envisaged in the 11th Five Year Plan ending March 31, 2012, while allocations will overshoot estimates in sectors like railways and urban development.

Health and education sectors will get just 61 and 60 per cent of the funds earmarked in the 11th Plan period, according to estimates prepared by the Planning Commission.

Although the 11th Plan had set investment target of Rs 1,23,901 crore for the health schemes, the actual investment would only by Rs 75,533 crore.

Same is the case with education sector which would see an investment of Rs 1,42,659 crore as compared to the expenditure target Rs 2,38,608 crore.

The other sectors to realise less than the projected resources in the 11th Plan include women and child development (72%), Agriculture (80%) and road transport and highways (86%).

Railways headed by the coalition partner Mamata Banerjee will get 143 per cent of resources earmarked in the 11th Plan.

The Plan envisaged an expenditure of Rs 40,513 crore, though the actual outgo was likely to be around Rs 58,042 crore.

Urban Development sector will receive 163 per cent of the earmarked expenditure of Rs 14,261 crore. The actual amount spent is likely to be Rs 23,312 crore.

Similarly, rural development too will get 122 per cent of the planned resources which was originally pegged at Rs 2,31,380 crore. The actual expenses during the five year period was likely to be Rs 2,81,199 crore.

Power is another area, which would get 105 per cent of planned fund flows to the sector at Rs 28,164 crore.

However, going by the Planning Commission projections, there will 13 per cent shortfall in resources as the Plan expenditure during the 11th Plan would be Rs 9,56,440 crore compared to the planned outlay of Rs 10,96,860 crore.