RSGL to develop infrastructure for retail gas supply

Jaipur: As part of its infrastructure development plans, Rajasthan State Gas LTD (RSGL) will lay pipelines for retail gas supply in Alwar, Baran and Jhalawar districts, an official said today.

RSGL is a joint venture of Rajasthan State Petroleum Corporation Ltd (RSPCL) and Gas Authority of India Ltd (GAIL).

RSGL, which was formed after an MOU with GAIL Ltd, RSPCL and Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation in October this year, will start developing pipeline infrastructure in Alwar, Baran and Jhalawar, Chief Secretary & Chairman of RSGL, C S Rajan, said here.

Rajan has asked the GAIL India-Marketing (Director) to provide essential facilities for this purpose.

RSGL aims to provide clean, secured and green fuel to public through its own infrastructure, Rajan said.

Laying pipeline for domestic and industrial consumption and gas supply was also projected to achieve RSGL’s targets, he said.

RSGL also laid emphasis to conduct a technical study on gas supply connectivity in Ghilot in Alwar, Baran and Jhalawar districts, he said.

RSGL planned to open a Mega CNG station in Neemrana, a booster station in Kukus, he said, adding for which the construction works were underway.