Rs 32 poverty benchmark: Montek

New Delhi: The Commission, sources said, may submit a fresh affidavit in the Supreme Court clarifying its position that Rs 32 cut-off will not be used for extending benefits to poor.

Ahluwalia is also scheduled to meet Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh on Monday to discuss the issue.Concerned over the public outcry, Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni had said yesterday,

"The Planning Commission had given an affidavit. When we asked for information from the panel regarding it, we were told that it is an initial document and not the final document."

She had further said, "These figures could undergo a change, who knows some other statistics may come up, which is acceptable to the Planning Commission.

There is concern among people. There is a certain disquiet in the civil society and some sections. They believe the statistics are perhaps somewhat removed from the reality."