NSEL sacks CEO Anjani Sinha; pays only Rs 92 cr to investors

New Delhi: Crisis-ridden National Spot Exchange on Monday sacked its Managing Director and CEO Anjani Sinha and six other top executives on a day it failed to meet the first scheduled repayment to investors.
National Spot Exchange Ltd (NSEL) could settle only Rs 92.12 crore out of the scheduled of Rs 174.72 crore payment it had committed to the sector regulator FMC.
This was largely because nine NSEL members failed to pay their dues.
The NSEL had to shut down its operation early this month following the government direction in the wake of violation of certain rules. It has given seven-month plan to settle Rs 5,600 crore to investors.
"The Board decided that the current Key Management team headed by Anjani Sinha – MD & CEO and other relevant heads of departments be removed from their current assignments, pending an enquiry," NSEL said in a statement.
NSEL chief financial officer Shashidhar Kotian is also fired.
The other five executives are Amit Mukherjee (Assistant VP – Business Development), Jai Bhaukhundi (Assistant VP Market Operations), Maneesh Chandra Pandey (Manager – Business Development), Santosh Mansingh (Assistant VP – Market Operations), H B Mohanty (Assistant VP – Market Operations).
The Board meeting was held yesterday to identify measures to be taken to solve the problems in NSEL.
"Sinha will cease to be the MD & CEO of NSEL with effect from August 20, 2013 and he will be a Special Officer assisting in recovery process," the exchange said.
The Board has appointed P R Ramesh as the "Officer on Special Duty" (OSD) to exercise all powers of a CEO of the Company and will report to the Board directly.