Need coordination of agri dept, farmers and mkt agencies: Mir

Jammu: There is a need of close coordination between field functionaries of the agriculture department, farmers and market agencies to facilitate smooth implementation of National Vegetable Initiative in the state, Minister for Agriculture Ghulam Hassan Mir said on Tuesday.

On the occasion of power point presentation on establishment of Farmer-Producer-Organisation in the state, Mir said the main objective of outsourcing is to abolish the middlemanship and provide direct market linkage to the vegetable growers for strengthening their economy and pricing their produce.

He suggested registering more and more farmers under the programme and organising Farmer Interest Groups for creation of Farmer Producer Company which will assist the farmers to produce quality production and also provide them market linkage.

The Minister was informed that 5000 farmers of urban clusters of Jammu have been registered with details of their land holdings, soil composition and other agriculture information.

Similarly, 1,000 farmers of Srinagar urban cluster have also been registered with the same detail and 3,000 farmers would also be registered in coming days.

Mir was further informed that Actech Information System Ltd would also establish Kissan Call Centres in twin urban centers for registered farmers to provide them technical guidance from agriculture experts.

Besides they would also establish weather stations in the state also.