Mamata terms diesel price hike as inhuman

Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday termed as "unfortunate" and "anti-people" the hike in diesel price and demanded its immediate rollback in the interest of the common people.

"Unfortunate unfortunate unfortunate. Yet another anti-people decision has been taken by the UPA government. Diesel prices have been deregulated suddenly. Immediately, there has been an increase of diesel prices by about 40-50 paise per litre, which will severely affect the common people and prices of essential commodities," she said in her facebook post on Friday.

"I have also come to know that the decision has been conveyed through a 'secret' communication. What is 'secret' about price rise, which affects the common people? This is nothing but cheating", she said.

"I have never heard a 'secret' price hike. It is never a man-like decision. It is an inhuman decision," Banerjee claimed.

"It is too much… We strongly oppose this anti-people decision. We demand an immediate rollback of the price hike in the interest of the common people," she wrote.

"Sad, bad, very sad, very bad, and very very what not! For bulk purchase, diesel has become costlier by Rs 11 from today. It is affecting State Transport Undertakings and creating an additional burden of Rs 40 crore upon them. The common people use public transport not only in the cities but also in the far-flung and remote areas, especially villages," she said.

Earlier addressing a rally at Haringhata in Nadia district today, Banerjee while criticising the diesel price hike described the UPA government as an 'exploiter' of the poor.

"This government is an exploiter of the poor people. It is very distressing that prices of diesel have been further increased," Banerjee said at a government programme in Haringhata.

"After hike in rail fares and the price of petrol, the rise in diesel prices will add to the woes of the common man groaning under the impact of the price rise," she said.