”Low yield to hit mango prices this year”

Lucknow: Famous Dussheri and other varieties of mango are going to be available at cheaper prices this year but for less time as expected production of the 'king of fruits' is likely to be 60 per cent down from previous year.
"The news that mango will be available at less price could bring smile to mango lovers but the fruit will not be available for longer time due to 60 per cent fall in production as compared to previous year," All India Mango Growers' Association President Insram Ali told PTI.
Mango growers in Uttar Pradesh are expecting losses due to pre-monsoon showers and excessive humidity due to which the fruit gets ripe early and would reach markets in bulk.
"We (mango growers) are worried and expecting losses due to the pre-monsoon showers and humidity due to which mango will get ripe early and reach markets in bulk. With no support from the government for its export, we have to sell it in less prices in local markets and would have to incur losses," Ali said.
He said due to availability of mango in the market, it could be sold at about Rs 30-35 per kg in place of Rs 50 per kg, which was expected by the mango growers.
"The available of mango will not be for long time this year as its production is likely to decrease drastically this year," he said.
While 38 lakh tonnes of the fruit were produced last year (2012-13) in the 2.90 lakh hectare of mango belt in the state, it would come down by 60 per cent to about 16-17 lakh tonnes only this year, he said.
He said the mango belt in the state besides Malihabad (in Lucknow)- famous for its Dussheri, comprised 14 districts, including Barabanki, Hardoi, Saharanpur and Bulandshahr.
About the reasons for decrease in production, Ali said that mango trees bore flowers about late and it fell down due to scorching sunlight.
Of about 1.70 lakh tonnnes of mango production in the country, 40 per cent is produced in the state and it stood second in the country after Andhra Pradesh.