Hospitals, chemists to wait for regulatory word on Ranbaxy

New Delhi: Drug regulator DGCI is conducting a "focussed scrutiny" of medicines sold by Ranbaxy and some other drugmakers, but says it remains confident of the quality standards of Indian medicines despite concerns raised by US authorities over some of Ranbaxy's products.
While the company continues to assert that its drugs meet all regulatory standards, a few hospitals and pharmacies have adopted a cautious stand on use of its products.
However, a majority of hospitals and chemist chains continue to pose faith in Ranbaxy drugs, pending any adverse direction from the authorities concerned.
Mumbai-based Jaslok Hospital recently asked its doctors to stop prescribing Ranbaxy products, while country-wide chemist chain Apollo Pharmacy has announced taking a cautious stance on Ranbaxy drugs without stopping the sales.
Asked about the concerns being raised over Ranbaxy products in the wake of orders passed against the company by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), DCGI G N Singh told PTI that no Indian company is selling sub-standard drugs and it is conducting a scrutiny to reconfirm this view.
Questions have been raised over drugs supplied by Ranbaxy after the company pleaded guilty to "felony charges" in the US and agreed to pay USD 500 million in penalty last month for violation of approved drug manufacturing standards at its two plants in India.
"We are sure that drugs being used in the country are safe, efficacious and of the quality. But in light of the recent reports, we have initiated the exercise only to reconfirm the standards," Singh said.
"Since we have put our regulatory mechanism on fast track, not only Ranbaxy but some other companies would also come under focused scrutiny," he added.