Greece reaches agreement with creditors on third bailout

Athens: The Greek government and its creditors reached an agreement on Tuesday regarding the outstanding requirements to disburse a third bailout.

After another day of marathon talks, the government in Athens and the quartet of international creditors — the European Commission, European Stability Mechanism, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund — have managed to agree on a list of 48 requirements which Greece must accomplish to obtain a financial package of 2 billion euros ($2.1 billion) and another 10 billion euros ($10.6 billion) for the recapitalisation of banks, EFE news reported.

It is expected that teleconference talks will be held later in the day by the Euro Working Group, which includes the deputies of finance and economy ministers of the Eurozone.

The agreement will be referred to parliament for voting on Thursday.

After several days of discussions, both sides have managed to close an agreement on the last remaining point related to the foreclosure.