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Food inflation touches double-digit at 10.05 p c

New Delhi: Food inflation entered the double- digit number after a gap of five months, at 10.05% for the week ended August 20, as onion, fruits, vegetables and protein-based items turned more expensive.

Food inflation, as measured by the Wholesale Price Index (WPI), was 9.80% in the previous week. The rate of price rise of food items was over 15 per cent during the same week last year.

This is the first time food inflation entered the double-digit mark since the week ended March 12, when it was at the same figure of 10.05%.

As per the official data released today, prices of onion soared by 57.01% year-on-year, while that of potato by 13.31% during the week under review.

Fruits became dearer by 21.58% and vegetables overall by 15.78 on an annual basis.

The prices of egg, meat and fish were up 12.62%, while milk and cereals became dearer by 9.22% and 4.64%, respectively.

However, pulses became cheaper by 4.16% and wheat by 2.52% year-on-year.

Overall, primary articles recorded 12.93% inflation for the week ended August 20, up from 12.40% in the previous week. Primary articles have a share of over 20% in the WPI.

However, inflation in non-food articles, which include fibres, oilseeds and minerals, stood at 17.19%, down from 17.80% in the previous week.

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