Aspiration of countrymen to ensure growth: Mukesh Ambani

New Delhi: Reposing faith in India's vibrant democracy, Reliance Industries' (RIL) Chairman Mukesh Ambani on Sunday exuded optimism over the country's long-term growth saying its 100 billion people, each one of whom is a part of the system, will ensure prosperity with their aspirations.
"I am very bullish on India because it is really the aspiration of a billion people and ours is a county where all the billion count. There are some countries in the world where one person counts, there are some where the Politburo or 12 people count.
"The Treaty of India is that all our billion people count and they have aspirations," Ambani said in an interview to a news channel.
Stating that the India's story is a "really a bottom-up" one and not the other-way round, he said, "We are on long-term growth trajectory and this is just not growth in terms of GDP numbers, this is really for well being of each and every Indian and that's the aspiration."
However, it is not just India, Ambani is also bullish on the prospect of other economies like China and European Union and the US.
"I think that China is maintaining steady growth, it is not decelerating. Europe has found its own transition path and they will transgress through the financial system in an orderly way and it is my expectation. India has had some slow growth. But, I am very optimistic on India," he said.
On the US, he said, "I am more optimistic than the most. My view is that this year, we will see the beginning of a recovery, particularly in the US. There has been a fundamental transformation in the energy scene in the US."