Weekly Horoscope for Nov 28- Dec 4: Taurus to maintain bravery, financial turbulence for Gemini

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for November 28-December 4.



Sunday 27 Nov 2022

You're encouraged to keep your ego in check this week. You could occasionally show off your knowledge to impress your coworkers. Businesspeople should exercise caution since unanticipated disagreements with partners or subordinates may arise. Clients will appreciate those whose businesses include dealing with international customers. Office politics may affect those who are working, therefore it's a good idea to work to keep your job. In a love relationship, it may be difficult for the partners to trust one another and communicate effectively. Some of you may experience problems with digestion and general weakness on the health front.

Tip of the week: Sharpen your knowledge