Weekly Horoscope for Nov 28- Dec 4: Taurus to maintain bravery, financial turbulence for Gemini

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for November 28-December 4.



Sunday 27 Nov 2022

You could experience some difficulties with your everyday duties this week. You'll continue to feel restless, and some tense energy will be rushing through you. Remain composed and abstain from making snap choices. Your lifestyle may benefit from adding meditation to help you relax. Your opponents will be active on the professional front, so you need to be cautious of them as well. For married natives, their spouse may go through a successful job period, which will relieve your financial burden. Spending excessively might have a negative influence on your finances. The performance of the students will surpass their expectations.

Tip of the week: Control your restlessness